2018 Pedal4Cam Charity Ride

What: Pedal4Cam is meant to be a fun(draising) bicycle event for persons of all ages and abilities! Road bike and mountain bike options. Click on the “Ride Descriptions” link below for details. A bicycle in good working condition,  helmet, and water required.

When: Sunday, October 7, 2018, 8:30 a.m. start (all rides) Ride day registration/check-in opens 7:30 a.m.

Where: Pedal4Cam is being held as part of the Eagleview Town Center Falling Leaf Festival. Eagleview Town Center, Wellington Square, Exton PA 19341

“Being able to overcome any challenge is something that takes a challenge to develop. If there is nothing introduced for you to overcome, then you never notice how hard it can be. And once you have an experience you may notice that overcoming challenges may not be such a challenge for you.”Cameron Evans

  • 45-MILE “ENDURANCE EXPERIENCE” (minimum age 15)
    This approximately 45-mile long loop road ride leaves Eagleview Town Center headed toward Chester Springs and traverses back country roads in 11 scenic Chester County townships!
  • 20-MILE “COURAGE COURSE” (minimum age 15)
    A shorter version of the 45-mile ride, Courage Course is meant to challenge the “not so distance-minded distance rider wanna-be”.

“As we run through life, we step into many moments, both good and bad, but as long as we don’t change our shoes too much, there is nothing we can’t handle. Currently, I am stepping in mud, and when I get out of the mud, it will leave a trace on everything else I step on. This can be a good thing as long as I am positive in the mud so that the trail I later leave is a good one. The mud may stain my shoe, but it will not change the brand or the foot inside, only build up its character.”Cameron Evans

All mountain bike trail rides begin with a ~2-mile prologue on paved roads to the Dorlan Mills Road parking entrance of Marsh Creek State Park. Once on park property, mountain bikers will navigate up to ~12-miles of marked, unpaved, wooded multi-use trails. Turnaround checkpoints will be marked for those participants who don’t wish to ride the full ~16-mile course. The course is primarily single-track trails with the off-road technical challenges (roots, rock gardens, water crossings, bridges, boardwalks, log-overs, drops, step ups, and steep ascents and descents) that mountain bikers love! The trail rides conclude with a ~2-mile epilogue on paved roads back to the Eagleview Town Center.

Park Map: Marsh Creek State Park

The trail portion starts with a ~4-mile loop of the park’s yellow trail at the south end of the lake ending at the dam. From here, those wishing to only ride 8 miles can head down and out the access road to start the road epilogue back to the town center.

Otherwise, the course continues from the dam along the park’s ~2-mile white trail to the west boat launch. Those choosing to only ride 12-miles will return along the white trail back to the dam, then down and out the access road. A ~1-mile bonus loop on the right, before exiting the park, will conclude the trail ride before starting the road epilogue back to the town center.

The full course continues from the west boat launch with a ~4-mile loop of the park’s blue/green trails. Once back to the west boat launch, riders will return along the white trail back to the dam and then down and out the access road. The ~1-mile bonus loop on the right, before exiting the park, will conclude the trail ride before starting the road epilogue back to the town center.

  • 5-MILE “CHARACTER CHALLENGE” (GUIDED) MTB (minimum age 10)
    Starting on paved roads from Eagleview, this ride becomes a beginner guided MTB loop into Marsh Creek State Park. A nice combination of on/off road with a little taste of MTB riding for both experienced and new MTB riders.

Read about Cameron’s “race with cancer” on his personal blog on his inspirational website, camcreator.com


Leaving from the Eagleview Town Center area, this ride heads gently downhill on the shaded Uwchlan Trail along the Shamona Creek to the nicely paved, flat, tree-lined Struble Trail aside the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek. This is the most flexible ride option. Riders may opt to turn around at any point to head back to the ride finish. Some hills headed to and from the trail, otherwise, the trail is fairly flat.  Be inspired to come out for a great family ride!

***All rides begin and end at Eagleview Town Center, rain or shine! Riders may check in (pre-registered) or register beginning at 7:30 a.m. on October 7, 2018. All registered riders will receive a pass for food after the ride. Please come prepared with a helmet, adequate hydration and snacks, and bike in good working order. An additional supply of nutrition and hydration will be available at stops along the course. A parent or coach MUST accompany all riders under the age of 14 at all times.

Questions? Contact regina@cure4cam.org.